About Us

"Versatile jewelry for your authentic style."


May it be bold, elegantly daring, simplistic or minimalist, be unapologetic.

Let your own style show.

Inspired by their common love for jewelry, no matter how different the styles, cousins Devi (left) and Rhea (right) created Viea out of their desire to design a brand that resonates diverse fashion. Styles that anyone and everyone can wear—essentials with a twist so that, just about anyone can express and shine by their own accord, in their own luxury, with confidence.


To be a brand that radiates diversity, empowerment, timeless quality and versatility in pieces that fits anyone's style no matter the age, gender or colour.

As Viea is the combination of the names of its creators, Viea represents how, what one lacks, the other can compensate. It envisions to become a brand that supports empowerment as there is nothing more powerful than individuals who believe in their own potential and community.


Viea promotes a wide variety of products intricately made of 14k to 18k gold plating, gold vermeil and gold filled. We aim to provide style and comfort as you venture through the modern hustle and bustle of today's challenging world. Every piece manifesting every single one of today's hustlers and world turners; authentic, bold and classy.

Allow us and our pieces to accompany you, as you take on the many roles in your daily life. You, in your authentic style and we, as your share of daily luxury, your confidence in gold. Viea.

—“It is you who inspires us to strive & exceed standards by curating timeless pieces that sparks the fiery soul.