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Gorgeous yellow gold pieces. My new favorite accessories now. So beautiful. I love them!

Carla Abellana, Actress & Celebrity

They are so delicate & beautiful. Been enjoying these for a few days now & they are really beautiful everyday pieces.

Lucy D'Agostino, Lifestyle Vlogger

I really like the Antonette line. I've been looking for this. They look pretty together and they're super nice!

Valeen Montenegro, Actress & Celebrity

I wish you (viewers) could see how beautiful & shiny they really are in person. I even love the pouches!

Coleen Crawford Garcia, Actress & Model

I love them! Thank you. Such good quality too!

Kylie Verzosa, Miss International 2016

These are so lovely. Been wanting to try these pieces for a while now. They're beautiful and the quality is great.

Alana Vicente, Fashion Model & Artist

They're so beautiful, really. It's so nice! And the quality looks so good. I love!

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Camille Co, Model & Fashion Blogger

Super love your collection. It's so hard to choose! I love them.

Vina Guerrero, Lifestyle & Fashion Influencer

Can't wait to take photos wearing them. They're beautiful. I love the quality!

Chin Chin Obcena, Lifestyle & Fashion Influencer


Viea promotes jewelry as a form of expression for every individual, that we become instruments towards immeasurable self-love and confidence. It is through adornments like these that we aim radiate diversity, empowerment & offer versatile pieces that fits anyone's style no matter the age, gender or colour.

“It is you who inspires us to strive & exceed standards by curating timeless pieces that sparks the fiery soul."